About Hygiene Ratings

We've taken the food hygiene ratings from the Food Standards Agency, and used them to build a database of caterers across the UK. So you can check the rating for your favourite local nourishment establishment, and then give us your own comments.

Hygiene Ratings includes every single caterer which is part of the national standards database. That includes works canteens, private members' clubs and college refectories as well as more obvious ones such as pubs, restaurants and takeaways.

Not every local authority is currently part of the scheme, so some areas aren't included. But it's still by far the majority of the UK.

Data Source

Food Hygiene ratings are published by the Food Standards Agency under the Open Givernment Licence, which gives this website (and any other) the right to re-publish them. The raw data is available at the Open Data page of the Food Standards Agency website. This data is used unmodified; the only additions are some more precise location data (such as town/village names) where possible and, of course, user comments.

Hygiene Ratings is an independent website. It is not affiliated with the Food Standards Agency. All rating data is published under the Open Government Licence.